Booster SDK: Getting Started


So you've got a great HTML5 game and you want to distribute it on CoolGames' global network of gaming sites? Terrific! Before any game can be launched on our sites however, it needs to have implemented the Booster SDK.

This guide will walk you through how to implement the required SDK features and get your game to a ready-to-ship state as quickly as possible. We will walk you through everything from loading & initializing the SDK, to implementing ads, analytics, high scores and more. It's pretty light-weight so it shouldn't take much time at all.


Before you dive into your code and implement our SDK, you should already have a license agreement in place with CoolGames. To start that process, you'll want to submit your game as-is to our Licensing Department for evaluation. To do that, you can fill out the Game Submission Form (bottom of the page).

Once you submit your game and it's approved, then it's time to get to work on the SDK!

In addition to implementing our SDK, we have several technical requirements your game must meet.

  1. Remove External Services - Please remove all other SDKs, tracking and analytics tools, high score systems, account systems etc. from your game. You will need to implement these features through the Booster SDK.

  2. Remove Rotation Screens - If your game already has functionality implemented to detect device rotation & display a message to show correct device rotation, please remove it. The Booster SDK will handle the rotation screen

  3. Language - All in-game text should be in English. If possible, please separate out all text strings into a separate JSON file.

  4. CSS Usage - Please don't use the * selector in stylesheets because this can interfere with the Booster SDK

  5. Code Delivery - If possible, please provide un-obfuscated code.

Are you using a Game Builder tool like GameMaker Studio or Construct 2 rather than building directly in HTML5? Worried you won't be able to implement our SDK in your tool of choice? No problem! We also provide plugins for popular game development tools:

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