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Global and localized distribution
Global distribution, cultural localization
Advertising and freemium monetization
Advertising, freemium or licence model
Advertising, social and analytics APIsAdvertising, social and analytics APIs
Integration of SDK and analytics APIs
Marketing and Promotion
Marketing and promotion
Feedback from professionals
Feedback from professionals

Did you just develop a killer game? Share it with the world!

Are you an HTML5 game developer who seeks international distribution for your games? Search no further - CoolGames is your one-stop-shop to reach millions of active gamers worldwide.

We can publish your game to a global audience. Help you to monetize with advertising, freemium transactions or by paying you a license fee. And the best performing games will get extra attention, such as top page positions, promotion slots and banner campaigns.

Share your games with us and have them played across the globe!

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What we are looking for in a game

We are particularly interested in high-quality HTML5 casual and social games. Fun game-play with high retention and time-spend. Excellent artwork and UI for a 'native-like' user experience. A score system that we can integrate with our social SDK and leader-boards.

The game should be designed for cross-platform usage on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. It should work flawlessly across different iOS and Android devices. Windows Phone is preferred.

Submit your game and our content team will look into it. We'll discretely review your game and get back to you after testing it...

Are you a game developer, looking for global distribution? Submit your game here!

We'll discretely review your game and get back to you after our content team has tested it.

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CoolGames SDK Guide

Ready for your game to be published on the CoolGames Network? Focus on making a great game, and leave things like advertising, analytics, community features and more to us.

Get started now with our step-by-step Guide to the CoolGames SDK.

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